Sunday, 3 May 2009

You Can't Fool Me

"My father would take Rusty's head in his hands and talk with him with real interest- 'So, old mate, what do you think of the snooty new labrador across the street?'- as if he actually expected a reply. It seemed a bit odd at first, probably because I'd never seen anyone else talk to a dog, only at them.

Rusty couldn't get enough of it. He would gaze into Dad's eyes and make odd little groaning noises I'd never heard before. Yet when I tried it, Rusty just looked bored. It was years later before I understood what Dad meant about animals only reacting to 'true voices': if our inflections don't match our feelings, they ignore us."
Lucky for Me Frank Robson

You can't hide your feelings from a dog. I find it interesting that dogs do many jobs from guiding blind people to pulling sleds. Also in the police we do many jobs such as finding drugs and physically apprehending villians. So why don't the police use dogs for lie detection. We have been watching the TV program "Lie to me" and I reckon I could do that job (they pick up on facial expressions to spot someone lying). If anyone from the police force is reading this, consider it a job application. 

Life is great when you know if someone is fair dinkum.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Good idea Ruby....our Mum is always telling us "yes, we're going out in a minute" and then sit down for another long time, or "The Queen is coming today" but then our Nanny turns up instead of this Queen character....hmmm
Have a great day!
Slobbers xx

Mango said...

Yuh, why didn't the peoples figure this out for themselves. You are correct. Doggies always know what you are thinkg (especially when you are thinking about the V-E-T).


Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

Muzzle says reading that excerpt of the book has made her cry and she's going to have to try to find the book to buy now. I can see I will have to give her lots of snuggles as she reads it ...


Steph said...

I ran a bath nearly every day, but somehow my Fritz knew when I was running it for him. He'd hide under the bed and wouldn't come out. Any other time, he like lying on the bathroom floor while I bathed.

And while I took care of my dad during the last phase of his cancer, Fritz was my greatest comfort.

I'm thinking about either a Miniature Schnauzer or a Boston Terrier... What do you think, Ruby?

Ruby Isabella said...

Dughallmor Beagles- I'm sure your Nanny is more fun than the Queen.

Mango- Time to hide!

Minnie-Moo- It's a good read.

Steph- Fritz sounds like a great dog. I've never come across these dogs in the dog park but based on 2 minutes of research, the miniature schnauzer might be the way to go. You do realise that it is the dog who chooses you, don't you?

happiness said...

Steph, go to the pound or the local dog shelter. You'll easily find a dog to fall in love with there. You might have to drop in regularly until you find the "right" one...

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Ruby Isabella
What a good idea! We hope you find a job real soon.
Love Ruby & Penny

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I just started watching Lie To Me this week, and love it - I like to think that I'm pretty good at reading people too - But I know I don't always get it right...

You are so right about animals just having that Sixth Sense about things, definitely - Wet kiss to the lovely woozle! x