Friday, 10 April 2009

Aren't humans a funny shape?

Their feet are the shape of a head, more or less, which makes them a great place to rest your weary head. Their heads are the shape of basketballs. Their ears are stubbornly immobile. They are mostly hairless except for random places. Sometimes their hair just doesn't know when to stop. They have great big noses which aren't all the better for smelling with. They plod around on two legs when it is obviously faster on all fours. 

I am not anti-human. I love humans. My favourite beings are human. I am just saying, that's all. What do you find odd about them? 

Life is great when you are well proportioned and sensibly built and life is great when you are not. 


Juliet Colors said...

You have a lovely shaped head, Ruby. I'd be lucky to look as glamorous and sleek as you.

Amber and Nala said...

I think it is odd that they use their hands to pick things up....why not just use their mouths and then they can see what it tastes like too!


Ruby Isabella said...

Juliet- If I was human, I would be blushing. Another thing you do. My name's Ruby but I never actually turn red.

Amber and Nala- Excellent point!

Domi said...

And they are missing tails! Tails are so useful for showing how you feel and balance when you are catching balls or running really fast.

I love my people too but they really need tails.


Mango said...

I find the whole idea of "clothing" most odd. If they weren't so hairless and fragile they could just go around nekked like us.


Anna the GSD said...

I'm totally jealous of their opposable thumbs though...think of what all WE could DO with those!!!

Black Jack's Carol said...

That head shot really does show Greyhound features, just like that man said (in your other post). Funny, because people were always stopping me when I was with Scott, my dog before Black Jack. He was thought to have greyhound in him as well. It's great fun trying to figure you dogs out, even though, in the end, whatever you are is perfect.