Thursday, 16 April 2009

What a Day!

I went for a shorter walk with Tim this morning down to the soccer fields. What a magnificent day it was. Tim didn't take a camera so I will have to paint you a word picture. There is a small creek on one side. Several soccer fields in a row make a great, big expanse of green. It is bordered by trees. After the rainy Easter, we have perfect autumnal weather. Clear blue sky with a sun that warmed your bones but wasn't too hot. The high today was 28 degrees celsius. There was a gentle, fresh breeze. Tim had the throwing stick, which sends the ball flying three quarters of the length of one field. In short, it was a bloody marvelous walk. Fresh air, plenty of grass, sunshine and a ball to chase. Then this afternoon I went on a bigger walk with Mandy. 

Life is great when it is a stunning day.


Anna the GSD said...

Wow, that sounds great! Mom said I can go back to walks today but mine don't sound as exciting as yours! Wow!

ZazenLover said...

awesome! :)

Ari_1965 said...

Love a fresh, gentle breeze.

Mango said...

Two walkies! Fantastic. I left you a challenge on my bloggy. Come and visit.


skywind said...

Oh, great day. :)
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Gopi the dog said...

Hi. Woof. I'm the visitor at Braja's blog and I came to find you to tell you how egsotick I think you are. Smooth, too. Shiny. Bewdiful. You're like my doggy guru. Your life is glamorous. Mine? I live on the beach and Braja said she'd let me show more pics tomorrow of my life and my friends. Hope you can come by. We have fun. We're free. We eat lots. And we have good friends. I hope you get your walkies. Me? I like to lie around...

Ruby Isabella said...

Anna- I bet your walk is exciting too.

ZazenLover- Yep.

Ari- Ain't it great.

Mango- Thanks for the challenge.

Skywind- Sure was.

Gopi- Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure my life is glamorous and egsotick. You live on the beach! You can't get more glamorous and egsotick than that!