Wednesday, 25 March 2009


"I believe that one cannot have too high an opinion of oneself. If I don't think I'm great, why should anyone else? And since loads of other people think I'm great, I must be onto a winner with this theory."

Clive is a very profound thinker. Being falsely modest doesn't do anyone any good. If you put yourself down, you are not allowing others to be great. By shinning yourself, you allow others to shine. I think we can all take a leaf out of Clive's book. So here goes; I am beautiful, intelligent, graceful, agile, fast, sociable, friendly, gentle, loyal, popular and enthusiastic. That is enough to begin with. 

What is great about you? Please tell me. It will help me to shine bright.

Life is great when you are great.


Henry the Dog said...

I'm loving and loyal. I'm also handsome. No, EXTREMELY handsome. Fun. Funny. Intelligent. No, EXTREMELY intelligent. In fact, I reckon I'm perfect:)

Sighs said...

I don't claim to be great - just better.

Clive said...

Ruby Isabella, what can I say? I am honoured that you are sharing the word of Clive.

By the way, I like your list very much. I haven't yet formalised my thoughts into a list but will get onto it straight away. Oh the wonder of supportive friends who make you feel valued!

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Ruby Isabella
We think you're great and so are we.
Love Ruby & Penny

Juliet Colors said...

Great idea. You and Clive are both profound thinkers. As for me, I'm intelligent, thoughtful, kind, sensitive, loyal, and sometimes funny.

Book pusher said...

Speaking of "greatness", what a great blog Ruby Isabella! Talk about serendipity, we must have been on Jo's blog posting comments at the same time, that is how I came to your blog and I am so glad I did. By the way the dog in my life whose image I have stolen as an avatar is called Lily and she is great because she is so gentle and giving, me I just want to try to be great. There is no nobility greater than a dog. We are virtual neighbours, I am in Toowoomba but I discovered you via Canada and Jo at the Majority of Two.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh, Ruby - I think you're great too! :)

Actually, my human is Chinese and she says that in her culture, it is very rude to talk about yourself - everyone should be very humble. But sometimes she thinks that it is good to also be proud of yourself too - not to just put yourself down all the time. I guess it's a balance!

I think all dogs are great!

Honey the Great Dane

Ruby Isabella said...

Henry- You are EXTREMELY good at recognising your own qualities. You're great.

Sighs- Everyday, better and better. You're great.

Clive- Your list will be long. You're great.

Ruby and Penny- You're cute and great.

Juliet- Thanks for being the first human to join in, humans can be shy sometimes. You're great.

Book Pusher and Lily- Hi, neighbours. Isn't serendipity great? Thanks for stopping by. You're great.

Honey- Interesting point. I think it is possible to be humble and proud at the same time. I might turn this into my next post. You're great.

Thanks everyone for your greatness.