Friday, 27 March 2009

Still Great

Thanks everyone for your great response about greatness. Honey made an interesting comment,

"Actually, my human is Chinese and she says that in her culture, it is very rude to talk about yourself - everyone should be very humble. But sometimes she thinks that it is good to also be proud of yourself too - not to just put yourself down all the time. I guess it's a balance!"

I think balance is fantastic and it is a benefit of knowing different cultures. We can learn different ways of looking at the world and have a more balanced view. I think that maybe being humble and proud at the same time might be the answer. This sounds contradictory.

We all have gifts given to us by Dog, (or God or the Universe or Nature or whoever it might be). So we can honour these and we are actually honouring Dog, (or God or the Universe or Nature or whoever it might be), which includes everyone. We, therefore, achieve balance not by being in the middle but by having both. This is getting heavy and I am just a young dog so I will leave it there. Keep being great everyone.

This photo is called, "I've got my eye on you." 

Life is great when you recognise your own greatness.


Henry the Dog's Mum said...

"Life is great when you recognise your own greatness"

And the greatness in others:)

Book pusher said...

That is a very inspiring sentiment, sometimes it is very hard to see the 'greatness' in ourselves, but I love the idea of honouring Dog/God/Universe/creative power etc., by honouring ourselves.
And what a beautiful photo.

Amber and Nala said...

Honey's Mom's comment was great! I think balance is something we should strive for. :)

Ruby Isabella said...

Henry's Mum- Yes, this is very important.

Book pusher- Thanks. I spend a lot of time modelling.

Amber and Nala- Balance is worhty to strive for, otherwise you would fall over. (Sorry, lame joke.)

Black Jack's Carol said...

I've been reading and enjoying each post, Ruby Isabella, as you share your life observations so honestly. I guess honesty is what it comes down to, in appreciating our own greatness. You do that so well - you just say it like it is. Bob's teacher, in a previous post, who noticed only the negative result of one missed goal, missed a heck of a lot of good stuff along the way, probably because he learned to color his views to protect his own psyche. But as you say, way too heavy. You're just a young dog, but you know how to keep it simple:)

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wow Ruby....that was very profound...and Honey was right. You guys are two of the wisest dogs we know. And you look great in turquoise :D
Slobbers xx

Matilda said...

Hi Ruby!
Yes, your life is great, and my life is great,too!

Ruby Isabella said...

BJ's Carol- Yes, keeping it simple is very important.

DB's- Thanks for the compliments. I think you four are great.

Matilda- It's great you've got a great life! Hooray for us!