Thursday, 12 February 2009


"FAME! I am going to live forever. Baby, remember my name.
From Fame, the 80's TV show.

My life consists of walks (2 a day), meals (2 a day), pats (uncountable), lying positions (uncountable), playing with dogs in dog park (about 6 to 12 dogs), chasing the ball or frisbee (once a day), blogging (most days), sniffing out biscuits my people hide in the house (most days) and miscellaneous. Maybe, I should be making something of myself. Like the dog in "Marley and Me." People are always telling me how good looking I am. I could star in a movie. Or I could be a model. Look at the winning smile I have in this photo. I've got the moves. I know Henry hangs out with the likes of Posh Spice He could get me a start. Tim and Mandy are talking about taking me to agility class. Maybe, I could be world champion. Maybe, I could become the most influential dog blogger in the world. I could be like Oprah, anything I recommended would become a best-seller.....oh, bloody hell! I've been sucked into human-like thinking. I love my life with my people and my friends. I am a lucky dog. I think I will just continue to enjoy everyday.

Life is great when you are a lucky dog


Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

You consider yourself lucky but I consider you as a blessing to humans. The more I see your poses, the more I want to rush out to the shelter to adopt one of your friends.Heart says yes.Head says no.Hate this torture!!!!!

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Thanks for the comment Mandy. I wasnt sure where to post so Im doing it here.Being a vegetarian and having a dog is not an issue to us at all.Hubby is a carnivore btw ;).Im worried about time.Not having enough time to spend with that beautiful soul. We live in an apartment and we have no choice but to leave the dog in a crate when we are away at work.Ive never done that and Im hesitating to do that now. Inhibiting his movement is so cruel. We also travel heaps as hubby's nature of job is such and I dont think its responsible of us to leave the dog in someone's care.I know we must get our priorities right.I cant have the best of both worlds.Thanks once again for that thoughful comment.Appreciate it heaps.

LadyFi said...

You are indeed a lucky dog! And I love your bright blue bed/sofa.

Happiness said...

Confessions of a Wandering soul: now it all makes sense! I understand your concern. One of the things that stopped us getting a dog for so long was the fact that we were both out at work all day. It was only after I became self-employed that we felt we could get a dog. She RARELY gets left alone! We are very lucky that we have such a lifestyle.

Lee said...

Oh you lucky dog!

Braja said...

I like the uncountable pats....

Ruby said...

Hi Ruby
You look so happy in that picture.
Enjoy life.
Love Ruby

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