Friday, 6 February 2009

The Future Economy

I jumped into my Hoobers Mobile and whizzed back to 2323. For those who came in late, I have built a time machine and go to 2323, where the dogs have fingers and thumbs and are the dominant species.

"Hey, Ruby! You're back!" Wally greeted me with a whole body wag. He invited me in and we sat down for a cup of tee. We talked about the current state of the world for a while.

"The news is coming on. You can learn about things there."

He turned on the 3D TV and there was a Golden Retriever reading the news.

"Latest figures show that we are enjoying the second month of economic slow down. We are now officially in recession and all over the country people are having recession parties."

Images of dogs frolicking filled the living room.

"Your reaction to a recession is a little different to 2009. Why is everyone so happy?"

"Why wouldn't we be happy? We now work less."

"Aren't people losing their jobs?"

"No. Everyone's hours and pay are cut."

"Isn't it hard to make ends meet?" I asked.

"No. Everyone knew this was going to happen. It is what always happens. It is part of the cycle. We prepare for it during boom times and those who didn't prepare so well don't mind getting by on less. Oh look it's our prime minister, Brenda."

The mixed-breed dog said, "the government has done a good job of stymying economic growth, which was getting out of control. Australian working families are now playing families as well as being working families."

"Come on! Let's join in the fun." Wally exclaimed.

We ran out his front door to see the street full of hounds. Sally, the Dachshund, was rolling around with a Terrier. A fat Golden Lab was throwing a ball. A pack of dogs were chasing and it always seemed to be a Cattle Dog Cross who got it. The ball rolled past us and Wally picked it up and ran in the other direction. All the dogs ran after the Beagle and I joined them. After a good while, we were all knackered and lay under a try. A Bulldog came out with tea for everyone. It was a thoroughly enjoyable recession. I bid farewell to everyone and promised to be back soon.

Life is great when you have time to play.


Juliet Colors said...

Hmm... Interesting. It seems we could learn a thing or two from this future you've visited, Ruby. Thank you for sharing the story.

happy said...

A good plan indeed.

Ruby said...

Hi Ruby
Those doggies are smart to plan ahead, but then they are not living in the now like we are. That is sad.
I'm glad you had a great time playing with them.
Love Ruby

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Hey Ruby,
If only all families could make it a point to be playing families as well as working families.What a beautiful balance it would be!Thanks for the enlightenment.Gloomy times like recession could not have tasted any better.

Ruby Isabella said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. Ruby makes a good point. However, I think it is possible to have long term vision and to live in the moment. We can step back and see the big picture but know that any living and accomplishment happens in the present. We can only be and do in the present. These future dogs have taught me this. What does everyone else think? Should we live for the moment, plan for the future or is it possible to do both?

Amber said...

Ruby, you always have such a positive outlook on life! I just love it!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Although I prefer chicken broth. ;)


Black Jack's Carol said...

I knew it!! You just get where things are really at, don't you? Thanks for reminding me, Ruby Isabella!