Monday, 16 February 2009

What is it Like to be a Dog?

It's great. For more details, I have to ask, what is it like to be a human? Because the question really means, what are the differences between a person and a dog? Or between a gold fish and a dog, if it is a gold fish asking the question. Canine-human communication sometimes is unproductive because we do not respect the differences. We assume the other is just like us. At other times we don't acknowledge the similarities and underestimate the other. "They are dim-witted, easy to manipulate, don't really know what is going on and you need to punish them so they know who is boss." This is really what some dogs think. So to get on and communicate well, we need to recognise that there are similarities and differences but not to have preconceived ideas. We need to be open to the unexpected otherwise we never see it.

Oh yeah... the same goes for dog-dog and person-person relationships.

The sun is out and we've been for a walk. This photo is called, "Oh, you finally brought the camera out."

Life is great when you are open-minded.


Domi said...

This reminds me of a conversation my girl and I had this morning. She thought I was lucky to get to stay home everyday while she has to go to work. I'm a Border Collie though and we BC's love to work so I think she is the lucky one. I offered to trade places with her but I think she misunderstood and thought I just wanted to go outside. I guess she needs to improve her human-dog communication skills.

Tail Wags to you Ruby!

Ruby Isabella said...

Yes, sometimes they misunderstand. You can only do your best.

Ruby said...

Hi Ruby Isabella
What a cute picture of you. It made us smile.
We respect our mom and in return she respects us. We are happy that way.
Love Ruby & Penny