Sunday, 16 November 2008

Feeling Great!

I'm feeling better!! Yay!! Tim and I went on a big walk to Queen's Park and Centenial Park. I had all my energy and there were a lot of dogs to play with. Life is great when you are young, a dog and in the park. There is nothing like a big walk and run for feeling great. Tim agrees. He missed having a big walk these last few days. I met Phoebe, who is a kelpie cross border collie. She was nearly all black and nearly as fast as I am.  

Being a bit poorly has really made me appreciate my health and how fantastic life is. Whether you are a dog or a person, just get out there and do what you love.

By the way, what do think is better; chasing or being chased? I love both but probably prefer being chased. I like to get something which looks like fun, e.g. a stick, a bit of rubbish, other dogs' balls or toys, and then run around and around until somebody chases me. Let me know what your answer is. (This question can apply to humans, though the meaning is slightly different.) 
Here is a picture of me chewing the cardboard part from the toilet paper surrounded by Jacaranda flowers.


Christina said...

Hey Ruby,

Harley's human Christina here (harley has passed out on the ottoman after an early trip to the dog park).

About the topic 'being chased' - from a girl (human)perspective I definately prefer being chased preferably by a strong male (human) but in Harley's case - she doesnt care who chases her - the more dogs the better and it doesnt matter if its a boy or a girl.

Harley also likes to play 'tug'. Actually like is an understatement - she loves 'tug' and tug can be played with anything, anywhere with anyone.

thats all for now Ruby Tuesday

scratches on the tummy

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby,

Glad you're feeling better! I agree - nothing like being a dog - we know how to be happy with the simple things in life!

I like being chased and chasing - I have a lot of doggie friends who love teasing me to get me to chase them! but they are always so fast and agile that I can never catch them! Most dogs who chase me find it quite easy to catch me coz I'm a big, slow giant...! :-)

By the way, my human says that she likes to do the chasing - much more fun than being chased!

Honey the Great Dane