Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Special Gift

"Everyone has a special gift to give others. If you listen to the wisdom of your heart, you will know what it is. The secret of happiness is to use your special gift. The secret of wealth is to give your gift to others." Child of the Dawn Gautama Chopra (son of Deepak Chopra)

I think my special gift is to lighten the hearts of others with my  joy, exuberance and playfulness. When I am waiting outside the supermarket, many people see me and smile. When I meet another dog, I often go into the play bow and then have a lot of fun playing with the other dog. When I chase a ball at full pace, people sometimes feel exhilirated. I love to go up to meet people and give them kisses. Barry always brings an apple because he is generous and he loves watching me eat an apple. I give Mandy and Tim countless hours of joy. 

I can't say I'm perfect and exhibit these qualities 100 per cent of the time. I can have my moments but not many. 

I also get many gifts from others. People often give me affection. Dogs give me fun and the chance to show my dogginess. Mandy and Tim give me a huge amount. They are my pack. 

We all, people and dogs, have a special gift. It is so important to recognise them in ourselves and others. The most grumpy and aggressive dog in the park has a special gift. So do you.


billy pilgrim said...

man, that ruby is one beautiful dog.


Ruby said...

You are very wise for such a young girl. Thank you for your words today.
Love Ruby

The FOUR Musketeers said...

Ruby you are gorgeous :D

Muppet said...

Dear Ruby

What lovely things to say! You obviously live somewhere lovely because here in the UK I'm not allowed to sit outside supermarkets and say hello to people even though I think that would be a job i'm very very good at, people here steal us doggies from outside shops, its horrid, it really is.

I think my special gift is to make people laugh at me. I think I'm good at that too.



Minnie-Moo said...

You sound like a happy girl.

Muzzle (my mum) says I make people happy too, especially her. I think that's a nice gift to have.

Minnie-Moo xxx

happy said...

Hi Ruby, thanks for stopping by! You are really pretty and wise! That's really well said! Glad to know you've found your true gift!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby,

I think my special gift is to spread as much slobber on everything as possible! :-)

You sound like you bring happiness to a lot of people and dogs - the best gift of all!

Honey the Great Dane

Ruby Isabella said...

What a fantastic gift slobber is! Everyone loves slobber, despite what they say.