Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Hello and welcome.

Hello and welcome. My name is Ruby Isabella Jones and this is my blog. I am taking this opportunity to describe the world as I see it. I am still young, eleven months, and find being alive such a wonderous and exciting thing. Everyday is full of learning and joy. 

I live in Brisbane, Australia with two wonderful humans; Tim Mulligan and Mandy Moore, who are a married couple. We live in an old Queenslander house, which is made of timber. We all enjoy spending time at home and love going for walks. 

My ancestry is part Kelpie, an Australian sheep dog, and I am not sure what else. Labrador, Grey Hound, Whippet and Pointer have been some suggestions.

As this is being read by humans, let me just say that I love people. Interacting with them and getting pats is fantastic. On the whole, people are friendly and warm. Some people seem to be fearful and troubled, a few seem distant and indifferent, very few seem aggressive but the vast majority are really friendly and joyful. 

I encourage you to come back every day or two as I will post new material. Please feel welcome to add your own comment about any topic.

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Salomón - El Sabio said...

Mmm. Parece, por lo que entiendo es que te gusta vivir, así se simple XD
Eso esta bien, que bien.
¿Sabes? no entendí muy bien lo que dices pero casi lo logre jajaja,
en fin, Busca mucho de Dios, aun eres joven y eso te ayudara mucho. God Bless You!!!
(eso es lo poquito que se que en español es "Dios te Bendiga")