Friday, 14 November 2008

A Great, Big Palm Frond

I am still feeling lousy, as you can see. I have a fifth of my usual energy. I was still able to go to the park though and it is a beautiful day. I ran around a bit with a Scottish Terrier. He had little legs so it was not too strenuous. I also perked up this morning when I saw a great big palm frond had fallen in the back yard. I love chewing them to bits. As Tim says, "Everyone needs a frond." As Mandy says, "He thinks he's funny." I did not have my usual energy to get really stuck into it but I gave it a good go. 

I find it curious how people sometimes do not understand dogs. We are very straightforward. If we are happy, we leap around
with joy. If we are frustrated, we bark. If we do not like someone, we growl. If we think we are boss, we do what we want. If we think you are boss, we do what you want. In short, we express ourselves fully in the present moment and then forget it. 

People, however, tend to complicate things. If they do not like something, they sometimes pretend they do like it and then think and think about it later. Why do you do this? Have you ever seen someone who knows what they doing, human or canine, turn around an unruly dog in a matter of moments? That is because we do not hold on to issues, we are open to change. 

I welcome comments from dogs and people on any topic.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby,

So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well! Hope you feel a bit better soon -

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! I also love to pick up palm fronds when I'm out walking and I try to run around with them in my mouth...

Yes, I agree with you - humans are so complicated! I never understand them and it is so hard for us dogs to live in their world. They always expect us to think like them - when we are so much simpler!

Anyway, I have added you to my blogroll and I hope we can visit each other often!

Honey the Great Dane