Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Sydney Water

I am in Sydney staying with Tim's parents. They are lovely people. For some reason, I am not allowed inside the house. I find this very curious. Something else I found curious was water coming from beneath the grass, they have beautiful green grass. So naturally I started digging to investigate. I discovered a black pipe about half a foot under the ground. I bit into it to better understand the nature of it. Water started spurting out of it with some velocity in a few directions. It was all very exciting so I gave a bark to let the others share the excitement. They came running out of the house and had a look. Shortly after the water stopped and they seemed to be displeased with me. Sometimes I don't understand people. I love people but they do have a lot of quirks. 

Anyway, Tim and I have been going to Cenntenial Park. We go walking for about six kilometres around the park and I can run free of the lead. It is tremendous fun. There are so many dogs and people and they are so friendly and full of joy. 

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Christina said...

Hi Ruby:)
My human (her name is Christina) is typing this for me as I dictate this to her via mind control. Yes I agree with you - humans do have a lot of quirks which totally spin me out. That black pipes sounds like it would have been fun to dig up. Shame the water stopped spirting out - any idea why? I had the same problem about a month ago with my human. I decided to dig around in the garden too, only to find a thin black lead only 20cm under the ground. Of course I had a chew and before I knew it I had chewed it in half. I tugged on it a couple of times and the whole light fitting came out of the ground. I was so excited about it - as soon as Christina came home I brought it inside to show her and believe it or not - she too seemed really displeased and covered all the other light fittings with pots. Hope you come home soon so we can hang out