Saturday, 22 November 2008

A Sheep!

I am a sheep-dog and yesterday I found my first sheep. Tim took me to a vacant block next to a primary school. I sensed something exciting in the school and I just couldn't resist. I ran up and there she was. I rounded her up. Well... she was just one sheep and she was tied up so afterward I felt a bit sheepish myself. (Of course, I didn't harm the sheep.) Tim thought it was exciting too, he came running after me yelling. 

Speaking of rounding up sheep, there was a story on the radio, Radio National, about a three-legged sheep dog called Casper who competes in sheep-dog trials and does well for himself. He only has one more leg than humans! He and his person don't use the missing leg as an excuse. Just think of Casper next time you think you can't do something. 

P.S. It was great to meet you yesterday Harley.


Ruby said...

Hi Ruby
I've never met a sheep. Was it fun to round her up? Why was she there, all by herself?
I hope you can round up more sheep soon.
Who's Harley?
I'm very inquisitive. That's the hound in me. I have to know everything.
Love Ruby

Ruby Isabella said...

I don't know why the sheep was at the primary school but she was there all by herself. It was a lot of fun. Tim saw on the Dog Whisperer a place where city dogs can go to learn and practice rounding up sheep. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Harley is a dog who lives with Christina who Tim used to work with. It was the first time I met Harley but they live close by so I expect to see a lot of them. I'll get pictures of Harley for my blog. I am also an inquisitive hound. Whenever there is a sound, I am up straight away to investigate. Life is fascinating, isn't it?

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