Saturday, 27 December 2008

All Action

There are a lot of photos of me lying around on this blog. It is a past time I do often and I am good at it. However, I really enjoy being active as well. I subscribe to the Buddhist philosophy; when lying, just lie. When sitting, just sit. When waiting eagerly for the ball to be thrown, just wait eagerly for the ball to be thrown. When chasing the ball, just chase the ball. You can see my whole dogness is one hundred per cent aimed at getting the ball. My tail is streamlined and my ears are positioned for maximum lift. One day I might just fly. It is important to be one with the ball. There is no dog, no ball, no person throwing, no field. Everything is one. 

Of course it is much easier for Tim and Mandy to take photos of me at zero kilometres per hour but I will try and encourage them to take more action shots. 


Profoundly Inarticulate said...

I like your philosophy, Ruby! And that's a great action shot of you!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wooo, are a true prophet! Great actions shot too, all our action shots are blurry!
Slobbers xx

Raising Addie said...

Ruby I just LOVE that first picture of you!

I wish I could come and play with you!


Ruby Isabella said...

I wish you could come and play too! Unfortunately, the tyranny of distance doesn't allow it.

Mango said...

Ruby! I am so like you. I love to meditate.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Ruby, all your pictures are great, but I just love the last one in this entry. You look so long and lean and entirely focused on the job at hand. My dog, Black Jack, is about a tenth your size, but I think she would love to play with you.

I have not mastered the art of taking action shots yet, but it seems to me, that's half the fun of photographing animals. If you haven't checked out you may want to take a look. It has some of the best action shots of dogs I've ever seen.

By the way, you remind me of my last dog, Scott, who was thought to have some greyhound in him too. One day, I'll post some pictures of Scott on my blog.