Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Short Story.

A human called Bob got a job in a cafe which every man and his dog went to so he had to work like a dog. He was basically a dog's body but being very dogged, he stuck with it. One customer wearing a dog collar was going on about his dogma. Another army man with dog tags was being hounded by his wife, she was like a dog with a bone and he was in the dog house. A fighter pilot who thought he was the dog's bollocks was bragging about winning a dog fight and Bob thought, "every dog has his day." Bob looked at the customers wolfing down their hot dogs and thought, "it's a dog's life while I have to survive the dog eat dog world of the kitchen." The customers dog-eared the menus and they salivated like Pavlov's dogs after he took their orders . The cafe was situated on a dog leg and a man made a dog's breakfast of the turn and crashed. He looked as fit as a butcher's dog but he staggered in. He was dogged off about the crash so Bob thought he would let sleeping dogs lie and left him to be a lone wolf. By then, Bob was dog tired and his last customer asked for a doggie bag. Bob told his manager he had to see a man about a dog and left. Even though it was raining cats and dogs, he was as happy as a dog with two tails.


Ruby said...

What a dog gone good story.
Love Ruby

billy pilgrim said...

my ruby dreams of the day when it rains cats.