Wednesday, 31 December 2008

It's frisbeetastic!

There will be no photos today so I will rely on your imagination. First, picture a new, green, flexible frisbee. Then, me. There are lots of photos on other posts so that will be easy. Now, Tim and Mandy. Feel free to see them however you want, any size, shape, age or race. They don't mind, but attractive is better than not. Now, one rugby field surrounded by trees on three sides and a quiet suburban road on one. Add, one hot summers day just before the sun sets and it has cooled down a fair bit. Feel free to embelish it with anything which might add to the scene.

Tim and Mandy start by throwing the frisbee to me. I charge after it, coming to terms with the flight of this new object. I then pick up and run around with glee at my new possession. Then Tim and Mandy throw it to each other and I run back and forth and pounce on it when it missed its target, which was quite often as they are new to frisbee throwing. Now, imagine a tail wagging, smiling and laughing. This bit of rubber provided us with a whole heap of joy. It is proving challenging catching the frisbee but I have done it a few times. There is a border collier in the dog park who can do amazing leaps to catch a frisbee. I say go out and get a frisbee. If you're a dog, convince your person. If you're a person without a dog do it anyway, as Tim and Mandy enyoyed it a lot. 


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wooohooo, sounds like you had great fun with your frisbee, catching it will take practise though! We don't do frisbees really, can't roll in them or really chase them :o) If our Mum threw a frisbee for us, we'd probably chase it till it landed, sniff it, wee on it then leave it for her to fetch, she threw it after all!
Slobbers xx and a very Happy New Year!!

Domi said...

My favorite toy is a little yellow frisbee. I love catching it. have fun with yours Ruby.

Happy New Year!!!

(( K@Y )) said...

Wishing your family, friends and you a sweet 2009!

Bobby said...

Hi I had a fribee but the Mop chewed it up.
Happy New Year to you and your famiy.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Hello Ruby,

You sure do have a way with word pictures! I bought a frisbee for Black Jack, a small, soft one, thinking it would be easier to handle for a little dog of only 12 pounds. She valiantly tried to show some interest, but with my poor throwing skills, she finally, tactfully, trying not to hurt my feelings, asked to play with her ball instead. Then, Bill bought a normal frisbee, hoping to help me develop better frisbee-playing ability. We only practiced once, and I did improve somewhat. After reading your fun post, I'm inspired to try again with Black Jack when this snow goes. (It's really fun to read and think about summer fun in Australia.)