Thursday, 18 December 2008

The Old Dog and the Old Man

Yesterday we met a really nice old dog with a really nice old man. They were a similar age, 11 in dog years and early seventies in human years. They both looked really fit and healthy. The man said that he didn't want the dog when he got him and still did not want him for a few years as he never had pets. His wife and kids insisted that they keep him. Then he began to really love his dog. He takes him out for two walks a day, getting up at 5 am to avoid the heat. He loves his walks for the mental, physical and spiritual benefits. (Nearly all dogs know about these benefits but a lot of people do not.) Last year this man had a triple bypass and made a full recovery. Apparently, a triple bypass is a serious thing indeed and Tim and Mandy were very surprised as he looked very healthy and much younger than his years. If he hadn't been in such good condition, he would have surely died. 

While the people chatted, I played with the hound, a Belgian Shepherd. Most older dogs find my playful, puppy energy a bit much to take but he was happy to play with me as I bounded around. They were an inspiring pair. I guess the message is; keep walking and keep your zest for life!

The picture is an artistic shot of me running with a toy showing my playful, puppy energy. Tim asked me to stress that it wasn't that he couldn't get all of me in the shot, it is artistic. 


Dughallmor Beagles said...

It's a great's hoping we're all that spritely when we reach a ripe old age!
Great post, lovely picture too....arty!
Slobbers xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby,

That is a lovely story about the old man and his old dog!

My human, Paul, is a Human Vet and he says that people who have dogs have a higher chance of being alive one year after a heart attack!

Honey the Great Dane