Sunday, 7 December 2008


I am a dogtor. This term was coined by our human friend Jasmine about her dogs. I haven't been to university (can you believe that they don't allow dogs?) but would your GP do this (photo)? (If the answer is yes, I suggest you change GPs.) The truth is that us dogs heal in many ways. Did you know that people who live with dogs live longer than people who don't? 

Many people suffer from stress for all sorts of reasons and we just have the knack of reducing stress and restoring health. We also intuitively know when something is wrong. There was a story on the TV about a woman who had a cancer on her skin. Her dog would not leave it alone until she finally went to the doctor and had it treated. 

People also have amazing power to heal. By thinking positively and imagining good health they can heal themselves and others. 

Remember, we are all healers!

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Dr. Jay SW said...

I've heard of "therapy dogs," who are taken to visit depressed old and/or seriously ill people--personally, I find spending time with dogs inherently therapeutic.

Actually your pic here reminded me of stuff I've read about dogs detecting forms of cancer by smell. Apparently, there was this woman in England maybe a decade ago whose dog wouldn't stop sniffing a spot on her leg. She went to the doctor and, wouldn't you know it, it turned out be cancerous and was removed. Since then, a bunch of studies have been done, showing that they can detect various forms by breath. (Seriously--google it)....