Friday, 2 January 2009

Watching Grass Grow

We have had lots of rain and lots of sun this summer in the subtropics. As a result, watching grass grow is quite interesting. It is certainly faster moving than cricket. As a result, dogs are disappearing. A dog lies down in the dog park and you can only see his or her head, as though he or she is doing dog paddle. It is good after having brown grass for a long, long time. All my life there have been water restrictions. I have heard about a time when people used hoses to water their grass and garden. Imagine that! So hooray for the rain! The thunder is a little scary though. 


Mango said...

So that's what you labradogs are doing when you get frozen like that.


Ruby said...

Happy New Year Ruby Isabella
Enjoy watching the grass grow. I've been watching the snow grow in my back yard. I can get lost in it.
Love Ruby