Monday, 26 January 2009

The future!

I did it! I built my time machine, the Hoobers Mobile and went to the future. (I will tell you about the science another day.) I promised the future beings that I wouldn't tell anyone about the future because of how it might affect things. So I am going to keep my word and only tell my loyal readers. Before going any further, you have to promise not tell anyone...... Say it out loud......... Now say it like you mean it........ OK. That's good enough. Where do I start? I went to 2323. First, I have to give you some history; their history, our future. In 2113, a virus spread throughout all of humanity. There were no fatalities but it caused all fingers and thumbs to close together and have very limited movement. Humans could no longer fly planes, perform surgery, run companies or use a blackberry. They returned to a simpler life of growing food. Over the generations, their hands became like scoops and they were bent over from digging. 

Suddenly there was a power vacuum and dogs started to organise through blogging, humans had abandoned their computers. Through constant blogging on a human keyboard their paws began to change. The front paws developed fingers and the dew claw turned into a fully operational thumb. Dogs took over the role of humans, (someone had to.) They became businessmen, artists, cleaners, politicians (someone had to), engineers, etc. Each dog pack kept a human or two and nearly always looked after them well. It was only then that humans realised how advanced canine communiction was and how intelligent dogs were. 

Now you have caught up a bit, I will explain what I saw there in a future post. I will add that the future dog society highly revere the early dog bloggers. 

Life is great when you can travel in time.


Henry the Dog said...

Can I come with you on one of your trips??? xxx

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wow, we're barkless! Is the future Prime Minister a Beagle by any chance?? Can't wait for the next instalment, life sounds great in the future!
Slobbers xx

Juliet Colors said...

Wow, I'm very excited by your time travel abilities! I can't wait to learn more about your discoveries!

Ruby said...

Congratulations Ruby Isabella
I would love to go to the future with you sometime. It sounds so interesting. Did you see any advanced dachshunds?
Love Ruby

Ruby Isabella said...

I'm sure I can make room in my Hoobers Mobile for passengers.

Amber said...

OMD....that sounds like the perfect world! I can't wait for the future....better yet, can I fly to Brisbane and hop in your time machine with you?? I don't know if I can wait! :)


Susan said...

And is there no smell on earth as lovely as the smell of paw pads? That heady blend that reminds you of just cut grass, the husks of fresh picked corn and a mild hint of roasted chicken ... or at least that's how my boy's paws smell.. Sigh.
xo from far away dog lands.

googler said...