Friday, 23 January 2009

A Walk in the Woods with Pictures

We went for another walk in the woods and, as promised, here are some pictures. This is a dry eucalypt forest. Just outside Brisbane there are also rainforests, which are very different. They are obviously wetter and more lush. Some day I will put up pictures of them. 
Tim found it difficult to take a photo of the forest because all he could see was the trees. Feasting your eyes on the green, listening to the sounds and soaking up the atmosphere is certainly good for the soul. 

I am making good progress on my rocket ship/time machine. I am going to name it the "Hoobers Mobile." I will keep you updated.

Life is great when you are in nature.


Braja said...

You're quite the dog, aren't you? Running thru the woods with your own photographer in tow.... :)

Ruby Isabella said...

I just need him to pick up his photographic skills and I can get some modelling tips from Minnie-Moo.

happy said...

Lovely pictures! Sounds like you had a good walk there!

The FOUR Musketeers said...

Great picture there !

Minnie-Moo (Rescue Labrador) said...

Your woods look lovely - and the first photo looks rather like ours! I bet yours are warmer at this time of year though :)

Thanks for sharing the photos :)


Henry the Dog said...

That looks like a place I'd LOVE to run around in. Our woods are a bit muddy at the mo and when I get back mum ends up blasting me with ice cold water out of the hosepipe. Brrrr.

Minnie-Moo (Rescue Labrador) said...

Muzzle has threatened us with the hosepipe too Henry - thankfully she hasn't done it yet!

We are getting really muddy at the moment too but Muzzle shoves us in the kitchen to dry off a little and then rubs us down with a towel. I think it must be a magic towel as the mud disappears!


Juliet Colors said...

Those woods look lovely, Ruby! Makes me wish I could join you there... (There aren't a lot of woods where I live right now.)

Ruby Isabella said...

Yes, the woods are warm. If it is not cloudy, we can't go in the middle of the day. There is not really any mud to speak of. There is a small creek so I sometimes get a bit wet so I get a nice rub down with a towel at the end. I only get the hose when a role in something really appealing which my humans deem to be unsavoury. I don't like the hose in any weather.

Amber said...

Fun times in the forest...I hope you took in all the glorious smells!