Saturday, 17 January 2009

You Can't Lie to a Dog

I love people and people love me. Occasionally I meet someone who is indifferent to me. That's fair enough, I don't take it personally. Sometimes I meet someone who really likes me but pretends not to. (I am not going to name names.) I think they have intellectual ideas about how dogs should be treated and do their best to ignore their real feelings. But we can sense them as clear as day.

Humans seem fond of pretending. Dogs do it too. The thing is that it is really difficult to fool a dog. So if a person is fond of me but pretending otherwise then I will just ignore the pretense. The same if someone is pretending to be friendly but has feelings to the contrary. I have a question about humans; is it easy for them to fool one another? 

This photo is called, "Waiting for Mandy."

Life is great when you are young and a dog.


Amber said...

I love reading your are such a thoughtful girl. :)


Braja said...

Humans are downright stupid sometimes, especially when they're on a bullshit rollercoaster...good for you for detecting them and ignoring it :)

Henry the Dog said...

Us dogs definitely know when folks like us - and we always like them straight back. That's why mum always gets licked to death by just about every dog she meets. Some humans can detect insincerity in other humans too, by the way. I know they can. I've heard mum and Uncle Hugh talk about it. It's hard to lie convincingly - the liar may think not but lots of folk simply pretend to believe so as not to offend.

The FOUR Musketeers said...

Hey Ruby , mind giving us your email ? We may need a little help from you if possible (:

Raising Addie said...

BOL... I don't believe it is easy for humans to fool one another. I think they can see right though those people that are just pretending!


Ruby Isabella said...

Thanks everyone for the insight into humans. They can be funny creatures sometimes.

Ari_1965 said...

I've always liked the way cats will come and sit in the lap of guests who don't like cats, as if to say, "You're in my house, lady."

splendid said...

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