Monday, 12 January 2009

More Action

Here are some action shots of me taken this morning. That is a plastic water bottle I have in my mouth. I love picking up things I find and running around with glee. The next one is me leaping for the boucy pink ball. In the bottom one, my tail is 
helping me take a sharp right.
It is important to be active. You feel the blood rushing around your body. You know you are alive. You don't need to zoom around like I do. Simply walking does the trick. 
Dogs love moving and being active, well nearly all dogs do. I have met the odd podgy hound who would prefer to lie, even in the dog park. Some humans make exercising into a chore. They see it as something they should do but would rather not, like leaving food on the footpath because your person says to. Humans are as much animals as we are. You are not machines or anything. You were born to move, to be active. So get out there and do something you love. 


Lee said...

Good grief! I'm tired just watching. The photo on the preceding blog is most suitable - knackered on the couch.

Mango said...

I LOVE those empty water bottles because they go crunch, crunch, crunch when you bitey them.

Do you actually bring back the things you chase? Momma says I am retrieving impaired because I just kind of run around with my toys and don't bring them to her.


Ruby Isabella said...

Lee- My person Tim did not get tired watching me running around. He got inspired. He started running. However, the next day he was walking a bit funny. The running did not last long. Although, he has started occasionally doing a slow trott for a few minutes on our walk.

Mango- I return the pink ball. Other things, no way Jose. I run around with them, then I lie down and chew. As you say, crunch, crunch, crunch. In the dog park, I like to show off what I've got so other dogs will chase me.

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