Thursday, 22 January 2009

Time Travel

I have been reading Time Travel for Beginners by Mary and John Gribbin. It outlines how time travel is scientifically possible, in language a lay dog can understand. All we need to do is travel at close to the speed of light. I am an extremely fast runner but even at my fastest I can't get enough speed up. So I have been thinking about how I might do it. If my blog suddenly stops one day, it means I have cracked it and I am living in the future.

"He is a lazy dog who never bothered about mathematics at all."  This quote from the book was made about Albert Einstein by Minkowski, Einstein's professor at university. So if someone calls you "lazy", take it as a compliment. If someone calls you a "lazy dog," take it as a very high compliment. If we are going to come up with something great, we need time to cogitate.

This photo is called, "Cogitating about Time Travel," or "Fangs for the Support."

Life is great when you have a pair of fangs.


Jo said...

Ruby, you're a great dawg, and not a bad writer too.

I have always loved the concept of time travel. If you ever get it figured out, come back and let us know how you did it.

Henry the Dog said...

I thought time travel already existed. I must be wrong, but I'm sure that you guys in Oz are ahead of us in time. I'm sure that you get to midnight before us, and so if I flew to Oz, I'd be infront of the folk here in France. Oh gosh. My little head is starting to spin.....

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Good luck with the time travel Ruby, in the meantime, keep sharpening those fangs!!
Life is great when you read Ruby each day!
Slobbers xx

Ruby said...

Hi Ruby Isabella
I hope you figure out how to time travel. What year would you like to go to?
Enjoy your contemplating.
Love Ruby

Ari_1965 said...

Doesn't look like you're reading to me...I suspect some napping took place!

Mango said...

Your little fangs are just too cute for me. I have one question about time travel, uh, what is it? You mean you could go forward and it would be tomorrow even though its still today and would you be skinny because you missed dinner last night and what about going potty? Does that travel in time too? Ouch! Brain fart. Maybe time travel is a labrathing.


Amber said...

Cool fangs and good luck with the time travel!


Ruby Isabella said...

Henry and Mango- I think time travel is a difficult concept for us all but that needn't hold us back.

Jo- You'll all hear about it here.

DB and Amber- Thanks I might need a bit of luck.

Ruby-100 years in the future would be good.

Ari- Reading and napping go together. First one then the other and sometimes repeat.