Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A party

I arrived in 2323 on a warm, sunny day. I climbed out of the Hoobers Mobile and I immediately saw a beagle. This beagle had the front paws like human hands I described the other day. He had four bent over humans with scoop hands following him. He came over and gave an enthusiastic greeting. I noticed his front paws and thought it polite not to stare. He noticed my front paws and guffawed heartily. When he calmed down, it took a while, I explained I was from 2009. He immediately took me home and gave me food and drink. 

His name is Wally. I was interested to find out that he is a human trainer. He trains them for TV and movies, as well as helping dogs who are having trouble with their people. 

"I love people. They are so cute. They're also intelligent. The key to training them is to find out what motivates them. Most of them are very food focused. You have to be careful not to let them put on weight."

That night he took me to a party to celebrate that Australia had just elected its first mongrel prime minister. Brenda was extremely popular and provided real hope after the less than successful prime ministership of Garry, the cocker spaniel. Wally made a point of saying that there had been many good cocker spaniel world leaders in the past. I asked Wally if there had been any beagle prime ministers.

"No. We are not good at towing the party line. There have been many famous comedians, entrepreneurs, artists and in many other fields but we're not good at politics."

We walked in to the party and it was packed with all breeds and mongrels. There were a couple of humans sitting quietly in the corner. Wally introduced me around and gave stern words to anyone who sniggered or stared at my paws. A dachshund came bounding up to me. 

"Hi. I'm Sally. I hear you're from the past. How marvelous. How did the people treat you? I love people. I have two myself. They are such fun. You must come around and meet them. Isn't Brenda wonderful? She has really united Australia and the world. We have such a responsibility being the world power. I think she will restore our reputation. Thank god Garry has gone. Do pop round. I live just across the road."

I had a great time and was touched with the hospitality I received.

Life is great when you are warmly welcomed.


Amber said...

What a fun trip! :) I really enjoy your stories Ruby! I think you should make them into a book. I think that alot of humans are food focused....especially my Mom! BOL!


Suzuki said...

Hi Ruby
Your stories are really good :) To answer your question, I like my sunglasses but I dont like my Doggle Goggles much because they pull on my fur :(
Big licks to you

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Bonjour :),
How have you been? We are having a blast in Geneva with all the swiss dogs. They are soooo beautiful.Just want you to know that Ive been thinking of you and that Ive posted an article about your friends.Hope you enjoy reading it.Happy licking :).

Ruby said...

Hi Ruby
Wow, what a great party. I'm glad to know that there are dachshunds in the future and they are friendly & hospitable.
I hope to hear more about your amazing travels.
Love Ruby

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wow Ruby, you've outdone yourself with this one....too funny, BOL!
Slobbers, from the wannabe Prime Ministers xx

Juliet Colors said...

What an amazing tale! I wonder if they get many time-traveling visitors in the future... It's good they were so nice to you.

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