Saturday, 10 January 2009

How to Prove Yourself Right

Or "To Come or Not to Come."

To prove yourself right, simply come up with a belief and then conduct an experiment with this belief firmly in mind. Let me give you an example. I am a good dog. When I am called to come, I come.* Anyway, my people and I came to a good understanding fairly quickly. Then something happened and Tim lost his confidence. Maybe I didn't come straight away one time and then it snowballed. Tim took me to the dog park when nobody else was there and said, "come." But his tone of voice, body language and thoughts all said, "don't come." What is a dog to do? I didn't go to him. I couldn't go to him. I couldn't disobey him. He didn't think I would come and he successfully proved himself right. The universe is very compliant in this respect. It kindly bends to conform to our deepest beliefs and expectations. Now, it is all sorted out and I go to my people every time.*

* Unless something really interesting is going on nearby.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Ruby, you are so very clever sussing your humans out like this, us dogs are not as stupid as some may think :o) Do your humans do training, sounds like they'd be very good at it and you could be the glamorous assistant, unless there's something interesting going on of course! that last bit!
Slobbers xx

Juliet Colors said...

You are so right, Ruby. So many experiences can go either positive or negative, just depending on the mindset you have going into them. (Glad you got your "come" command sorted out!)

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Thank you for taking the time to drop. Your input was very much appreciated. Dogs are such beautiful souls.Have you read the book Marley and Me? Marley hasnt stopped making my day since I started reading his 'biography' a month ago.

Ruby Isabella said...

I have heard much about Marley so I think it is time to read this book. Thank you.

Stella said...

Hi Ruby Isabella!

What a beautiful name you were given!
You visited my blog and told me that you have never seen snow and didn't know if you would like it. As long as you call Brisbane home, you won't ever have to deal with it, I bet.


Mango said...

Can you come over and give pee-wee some lessons in his recalls? He keeps going deaf.

I, Mango, don't do those recall things unless there is food involved (and even then not if it requires running more than about 20 ft.).


Braja said...

You are one deep black dog.