Saturday, 24 January 2009

On Melancholy

Often I am full of the joys of life. Sometimes I have a deep feeling of contentment. At other times I feel a bit down in the dumps. When this happens, I just allow myself to be like that and go with it. Fighting it only prolongs it and turns it into something worse.

Life is great when you allow yourself to feel what you are feeling.


The FOUR Musketeers said...

Oh ~ Ruby , you looks like you're so upset ! Cheerup ! :D

Black Jack's Carol said...

Good point, Ruby Isabella. A little of "just going with how you feel" isn't a bad thing. Black Jack doesn't get this look very often, but it seems to be mostly saved for the times when she believes she is due either a meal or her bully stick. I think she works it, knowing it's pretty well guaranteed to result in the desired response from me (give her whatever is due). What do you think?

Ruby Isabella said...

Who can resist the hound eyes?

Lee said...

Black dogs should be allowed to be melancholy occasionally.

Mango said...

You are very wise little one. Yes, just go with the flow.