Sunday, 11 January 2009


I am lying on the sofa. Just in a dreamy state, half way between asleep and awake. I hear, "beep, beep." I am up! She's home! I ran down to the back gate with glee. Tim follows some way behind. Tim finally gets there and opens the gate. I ran out and Mandy is in the car. She opens the door, I leap in and give her licks. We reverse up the driveway together, this is so that there is no chance I will get run over. Or I'm lying around on the back deck around the time Tim is due. I hear something at the back gate, I look up and there he is. I run down in an exuberant fashion. I immediately give him leg licks. He walks his bike up the drive and I lick each calf with each step. Oh, the joy of the pack back together again! How do you greet pack members on their return. I recommend you run to them with great enthusiasm.  


Mango said...

I do the Mango happy dance when momma comes home, but that stupid pee-wee labradude does his maniac jumping thing (very undignified).


Mikhela said...

Ruby Isabella you are exceedingly beautiful!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Rosie does the crazy butt-wiggles when any of us come back....even if we've just been in another room for a few minutes, she's bonkers!

Minnie-Moo said...

Muzzle says I do a pretty good impression of a black kangaroo when I'm pleased to see her (which is always!).


Black Jack's Carol said...

Hello Ruby. I loved your description of homecoming welcomes. One of the many, many things we humans love about dogs is the way you make everything right in our world when we return home. Do you have a morning wake-up welcome too? Black Jack bounds from her spot at the foot of the bed, and sits on our chest (Bill and I usually each get a turn) and her whole body wriggles with joy. She makes us laugh every morning. Pretty neat start to the day! Keep on doing those welcomes. You clearly bring a lot of joy to Mandy and Tim's life.

P.S. Thank you for the comment on my blog. You mentioned that it would be wonderful to fly. I've always thought that. Black Jack and Scott (my dog before her) seemed resigned to the fact that flying was not going to happen. They never ever tried to chase birds, but only ground-moving and tree climbing prey. It seems they did consider it might one day be possible to climb a tree, or at least, they gave it a valiant effort. I, on the other hand, sometimes dream about flying. My very first blog entry was inspired by watching herons, with their incredible wing spans.

Ruby Isabella said...

Thanks for all of your comments. Good to see lots of excitement there. Minnie-Moo, Mandy thinks I must be part kangaroo from my looks (and part seal pup). Before I add the next bit, I should say I am a very polite and sociable dog, it is just occasionally when I am on the lead and I see an excitable dog that I can't get to can I put it?... well, Tim and Mandy say I go bananas. They hold me back and I end up on my hind legs and jump along, like a black kangaroo.
By the way, why don't humans get so excited to see each other?